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The Unsung Heroes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the new COVID-19 economy, delivery workers have become the unsung heroes as homebound Nepalese rely more on online shopping with orders focused on staples such as food, medicine, and other essential goods. Nepal’s leading online marketplace, Daraz, has been collaborating with Big Mart to fulfill such demands. According to Daraz, order volume for essential items has grown drastically.

The company is continuing to fulfil orders and make deliveries round the clock with a 95% success rate delivering 800+ packages on the same day despite having limited resources and vehicles.

In order to maintain safety for customers and delivery drivers, Daraz has asked its customers and delivery workers, also aptly known as Delivery Heroes, to maintain “no-contact”, in which the delivery hero leaves the order at the door and customers pick it up. The drivers and delivery workers are regularly educated on hygiene best practices and are also equipped with hand sanitizer for them as well as for the customers. They are equipped with protective masks, and sanitized disposable/polythene gloves. Furthermore, the company is also monitoring their health and well-being very closely with temperature checks, and they are instructed to strictly stay at home if they begin to feel unwell.


Sagar Shakya who is a Delivery Hero at Daraz says he sees a wide range of customer appreciation for the new challenges of his work. 

Sagar Shakya

“Our loved ones would rather want us to stay indoors but we assure them that we are following all the safety protocols and I’ve seen a lot of grateful people which makes me feel good to be able do my job and also make people happy during such a crisis.”

Delivery workers go a long way to deliver essential commodities to many households. They might not be out on the front line the same way as doctors and nurses are, they are still doing a vital service in difficult circumstances. It is time that we all give these brave workers credit and realize that they are some of the unsung heroes amid this world crisis.

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