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Best Products for Healthy Hair – Hair Oils and Masks

Maintaining proper hair care at home is much easier than one might think. Just as our bodies require regular care and nutrition to stay fit, our hair and scalp require correct care and nutrients to stay strong and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Oils play a crucial role in preventing hair from deterioration on a daily basis. Oiling hair on a daily basis minimizes dryness by covering the space between the cuticle cells and shielding hair follicles from damage. A good old-fashioned hair massage can also aid in stress relief and mind-body relaxation.

Hair masks are also an absolute necessity in your hair care regimen if you have frizzy hair that is really tough to manage. They are heavily concentrated with ingredients that make your hair incredibly manageable and bouncy, profoundly enrich it, and control frizz. Because they offer your hair great conditioning and deeply hydrate each hair strand, hair masks are a fantastic tool to revive hair that has been chemically or heat-damaged.

Daraz offers a variety of useful products that make taking care of your hair at home simple. WOW Skin Science is one of the best brands on the platform for hair care, skin care, and self-care in general. Stock up on wow products from WOW because WOW Skin Science Super Brand Day is coming soon!

Here are a few of our favorite hair products from WOW:

Hair Oils

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

It is a nutrient-rich oil that offers calming treatment to dull, lifeless, weak hair and tired scalp to help improve their texture and health. It includes a combination of seven cold-pressed oils, including coconut oil, onion black seed oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Premium non-sticky hair oil blend formulated to revive thin, dry, brittle, undernourished, split-ended, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. Helps strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair damage and improve hair health. Made with 100% pure cold pressed oils, 100% free of mineral oil and silicone for holistic hair care.

Amla Hair Oil

In a blend of five organic, cold-pressed oils, the oil gives the benefits of amla extract and lemon essential oil. It is a non-sticky, non-greasy, lightweight hair oil that absorbs quickly into the scalp. For easy application, the bottle includes a Comb Applicator. The oil aids in strengthening the roots and enhancing scalp circulation. It also protects the scalp from itching and controls dandruff.

Hair Masks

Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Mask

This hair mask will assist in reviving your lifeless, limp hair. Black seed oil and red onion extract both aid to strengthen hair. To deeply condition your hair, create volume, and shine, use this mask once a week. Help your hair transform from weak and lifeless to strong and lustrous with WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Mask.

Coconut Milk Hair Mask

This hair mask is made up of natural ingredients that help to improve the texture and luster of your hair. Additionally, it aids in strengthening fragile strands, lessens hair breakage, and repairs and safeguards damaged hair. This hair mask can be used on all hair types to hydrate hair and provide a barrier of protection. It contains coconut milk, which is full of healthy fats that condition and hydrate the hair and scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

This hair mask enriched with apple cider vinegar and sweet almond oil helps to reduce buildup on the scalp, dandruff, and itching. Regular application aids in giving the hair strength, luster, and silkiness. keeps flakes and dandruff under control for a lighter, cleaner, and itch-free feel. It helps reduce split ends and breakage by assisting in detangling, tightening cuticles, and improving porosity.

Himalayan Rose Hair Mask

With WOW Skin Science’s Himalayan Rose Hair Mask, enjoy your luscious, voluminous, and aromatic hair. It provides your hair with the natural benefits of rose hydrosol as well as natural oils that moisturize your hair and fill it with a soft rose smell. Apply this hair treatment once a week to condition your hair and give it more volume and shine.

Start taking good care of your hair and yourself today. Browse through Daraz to find the best products to help in proper maintenance and restoration of damaged hair. Happy Shopping!

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