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Which Vacuum Cleaner Should You Get?

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit the unique cleaning requirements of various individuals. Certain cleaners have certain functions designed to help with specific types of cleanup whereas others are better suited for other functions. With all this in mind, here are a few of the best vacuum cleaners on Daraz for you to look through and find the best one to meet your cleaning needs.

Panasonic MC-CL575K146 2000 Watt Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Hepa Filter

Brand Panasonic
Model MCCL575K146
Power (Watt) 2000 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 2.2
Dimensions 250 x 267 x 400 mm
Net Weight (in Kg) 5.1

Midea Vacuum Cleaner 1800W Bagless – MVC-V18K-BA

Brand Midea
Model MVC-V18K-BA
Power (Watt) 1800 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 1.5
Dimensions 360 x 247 x 305 mm
Net Weight (in Kg) 5.7

Philips XB2023/01 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Brand Philips
Model XB2023/01
Power (Watt) 1800 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 1.3
Dimensions 408 x 265 x 239  mm
Net Weight (in Kg) 4.4

Hitachi CVW1600(Pg) 1600W Canister Type Vacuum Cleaner

Brand Hitachi
Model CVW1600(Pg)
Power (Watt) 1600 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 5
Dimensions 473 x 276 x 225 mm
Net Weight (in Kg) 4.3

CG Vacuum Cleaner 1800 Watt – CGVC18HB01

Brand CG
Model CGVC18HB01
Power (Watt) 1800 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 1.5
Net Weight (in Kg) 7

Black+Decker Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200W – WDBD10-B5

Brand Black + Decker
Model WDBD10-B5
Power (Watt) 1200 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 10
Dimensions 42.8 L x 33.6 W x 32 H cm
Net Weight (in Kg) 5.3

Samsung Canister with Cyclone Force and Anti-Tangle Turbine 1800 W / 2 L Vacuum Cleaner VC18M31A0HP

Brand Samsung
Model VC18M31A0HP
Power (Watt) 1800 W
Capacity (Ltrs) 2
Dimensions 272 x 234 x 407 mm
Net Weight (in Kg) 4.8

Didn’t find your dream vacuum cleaner on this list? Don’t fret! Daraz has many, many more vacuum cleaners from dozens of different brands for you to choose from. Browse through our vast catalog and find the perfect cleaner that fits all your requirements today. Happy Shopping!

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